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Toni-Jan Ifill is currently serving as a consultant at DRI Consulting. She is working towards a Master’s of Science in Counseling and Consulting Psychology at the International University of the Caribbean located in Kingston, Jamaica. Her position at DRIC both complements and enhances her educational training, where she has focused her interests on Consulting Psychology. In addition to her position within the DRIC team, Toni-Jan currently serves and works at her assembly as an executive board member responsible for team leading, event planning and management; and Brand Ambassador - responsible for networking, social media & website management and public relations.  

Toni-Jan is using her skills at DRIC to assist with client assessment and consulting projects. She is most excited to apply theories and interventions from classroom settings and experiences to projects for DRIC. She is most interested in understanding leadership styles, and development, psychological assessments, coaching and consulting to teams.  Her most notable strengths are creative thinking, adaptability, project management, leadership, interpersonal skills, feedback, and problem-solving.  

DRI and clients benefit from her skills and values in:  

  • Group facilitation and intervention
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Training curriculum development
  • Personal development
  • Job analysis