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Amy Feist is the Operations Advisor for DRI Consulting. She brings a variety of experience working in corporate, retail and non-profit settings.

Amy has worked in supervisory and Human Resources roles for the past 20 years bringing a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to DRI. Organization, attention to detail and communication are among the many skills she draws upon.

Amy is responsible for operations, assessment administration, invoicing and project management.  She works on developing and implementing policies and procedures in both the financial and general operational realms. Amy organizes the work of the financial and operational areas.

DRI and clients benefit from her skills in:

  • Team Leadership and Development: Lead, develop, coach, and retain high-performance team members, empowering them to elevate their level of responsibility, span of control, and performance; work with staff to develop systems to ensure consistent, high-quality products and services; provide leadership in development of inter-team communication and cohesiveness, sustaining culture and supporting staff during organizational growth.
  • Financial Operations and Oversight: Manage client contracts and agreements, invoicing of work performed, accounts payable and receivable reconciliation.
  • Operations: Identify best practices and improve internal systems with an eye toward future needs; oversee risk management and legal activities: letters of agreement, contracts, leases, and other legal documents and agreement; business insurance: procurement, monitoring and management; office management: oversee administrative functions ensuring smooth daily operations of the office; oversee the firm’s client projects and provides some client project management.
  • Strategy, Vision and Leadership: Inform the Managing Partner and other key members on cash flow and policy matters; build and maintain strong client relationships; contribute to the development of strategic goals and objectives.

 Personally, Amy enjoys traveling, painting, gardening and outdoor activities with her family.