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DRI Consulting co-designed and co-delivered the premiere Partners in Learning event for the American Society for Training and Development: Twin Cities Chapter. The event was designed to help mentors learn how to better connect, respond to, and meet the needs of their mentees. As part of the event, participants were invited to reflect on their career and life events and to complete a career-related survey as part of a guided discussion.

DRIC has over 20 years exp. building mentoring programs and processes for clients. We are proud to provide our expertise to colleagues within our own trade.

He was an attendee at this meeting of incoming Presidents and was able to help design a strong concluding exercise to engage participants and generate useful information for attendees and meeting designers.

In the following letter, the Society of Consulting Psychology selected Dr. John Fennig this prestigious award:

"It is with great pleasure and true professional admiration that I write to inform you that you have been selected as the 2014 recipient of the Leadership Worth Following Award for Excellence in Developing Consulting Psychologists. This award recognizes an outstanding consulting psychologist who has "tangibly and consistently invested in the development of students, early career practitioners, and/or other consultants who are making the transition into consulting psychology." You were chosen from among multiple nominees as the first recipient of this award, which is supported by Leadership Worth Following, Inc."

"You were nominated by colleagues to the Awards Committee, who noted your extensive impact on the profession of Consulting Psychology as a result of deep, personal commitment to the training and career development of the next generation of psychologists entering our field. Your professional profile and experience are impressive, but it is because of the ways in which you have gone beyond that excellence in practice that you emerged as a clear and impressive choice for this award. Your work to create a postdoctoral and internship training program within the context of your consulting practice demonstrates a level of commitment to training and the development of the profession that is all too rare. You are known as a mentor to all those who work with you and for you, and also to your colleagues who interact with you at meetings and know that they can turn to you for advice at any time. Individuals who have worked with you have described that experience as transformative. Your generosity with your expertise, the model you provide for so many, and the reach of your professional competence through others all make you more than worthy of this award."

“We Drive for Show and Putt for Dough!”

DRI Consulting recently presented at the annual Granite Days event hosted by Granite Equity Partners. DRIC’s topic for presentation was focused around the current tools and best practices for Talent Assessment. The team added a bit of fun to their booth with a putting competition. DRIC is dedicated to helping working professionals improve and better their professional careers.

To take a look at some free Career and Workplace Survey tools that DRIC offers .

DRI Summer Session 2013

The summer session for DRIC’s Distance Learning courses is well underway. DRIC offers both Advanced and Basic courses for Psychologists who are in the process of transitioning to Counseling Psychology.

For more information about upcoming sessions and where to sign up, contact us today.

Dr. John Fennig

DRI Consulting CEO John Fennig Elected President of The National Consulting Psychology Association

DRIC is proud to announce that our CEO John Fennig, PhD, LP, has been elected President of The Society of Consulting Psychology [SCP], a Division of the American Psychological Association. His 3 year term begins in February 2014 as President-elect. Clients of the firm have benefitted for over 20 years with our close involvement in the national trade group - best practices, scientific support, cutting edge ideas, and more. Dr. Fennig and many of the staff have served in leadership roles in SCP, skills and experiences that help us deliver very good work to our clients.

During his Presidential term, Dr. Fennig will focus on: disaster response services to organizations, better use of technology in consulting practice, and improving the training of professionals in our field as they serve clients all over the world.