Client Impact: Leadership and Teamwork

Leadership with ToriOn a recent trip to Branson, MO working with the US Army Corps of Engineers, DRI Consultants Tori Littlefield and Samuel Hintz took a tour of the area via helicopter. The Corps' work looks as good from the air as it does from the ground!

Las VegasThe Army Corps of Engineers South Pacific Division welcomed Tori, Sam, and Chelsea to Las Vegas for another week of leadership training. Thanks for having us! As always, we're honored to serve with the Corps.

It's always nice to hear. We recently submitted a service summary to a client for whom we deliver Leadership Development Programs. Almost instantly, we receive this reply:

 Did I say that I really love you guys? I sent the report over to our HR folks right away and said: this is how its done.

It warms our hearts, thanks for the feedback!

DRI Consulting is proud of its 4-year history working with and supporting leadership development programs (LDPs) in the Sacramento District of the COE. Level 1 offers employees an opportunity to learn basic skills in building teams, communicating effectively and managing conflict. DRI brings a focus on real-world application and practice to the program so that participants can support the organization by being more self-aware team members and team builders.

US Army Corps of Engineers Little Rock District and St. Louis District employees Melanie Gracey and Rosie Lemons develop a new outlook as a result of DRI Consulting LDP Programming:

I heard from Josh Kriz, Volunteer Manager and organizer of the Volunteer Supervisor Training, that your representatives did an outstanding job, and that the session was a true contribution to the overall training!

Deborah Karasov
Executive Director

See the letter here!

Senior Consultant Dr. Megan Brogger successfully delivers a new workshop for the Sacremento District Leadership Development Program, based on People Styles at Work and the MBTI!