Client Impact: Talent Enhancement

DRIC gives candidates an important role in the selection testing process. This benefits both the hiring organization and the candidate. In recent weeks, client organizations across the country in several industries used DRIC for selection testing. These positions included: hospital president, vice president of operations - manufacturing, attorney, business manager for a professional services firm, city clerk, HRIS director, sales manager, lab supervisor, office manager and internship candidates.

Collects Feedback on Best Practices in Police Psychology

DRIC is a third-year co-sponsor of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Annual Conference. With nearly 300 pre-employment and fitness for duty evaluations conducted for several local and national agencies, we had a story to tell at the Expo. DRIC conducted a study and got feedback from senior leaders in law enforcement about what makes for a good psychological evaluation, as well as their ideas on how to improve police psychological services. Results strongly confirmed that what we do is on target. We also got some good ideas on how to improve.

Dr. John Fennig co-presented Drive Your Career: Vision, Valor, and Demonstrating Value at the 25th annual meeting for the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). He shared his own career story and engaged in a rich discussion among attendees and the other two panelists. The room was packed standing room only with interested early career professionals.

From the "highlight reel", Dr. Fennig shared about his professional life:

  •   A father to 3 great kids. Married to a talented eye surgeon/20 year training director for new professionals at the U of MN
  •   30 years in HRD/OD — hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals served
  •   20 years founding and running DRI Consulting — a general practice HRD/OD shop
  •   20 years as a licensed psychologist
  •   18 years providing training and supervision to new and transitioning psychologists to become organizational consulting psychologists. Run one of the few formal training programs in consulting psychology in the country
  •   Fellow of Division 13: The Society of Consulting Psychology
  •   Proud owner of a 7-year old Portuguese water dog
  •   Founded/co-founder of 6 different companies — 2 succeeding and 4 that "blew up in the lab"
  •   1981: Turned down a movie part to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger to stay in psychology — help people, not just entertain them. A values clarification experience!
  •   1984: One of the first psychologists hired at a then Big Eight accounting firm – Price Waterhouse
  •   1993: Very early adopter of the internet as a tool for professional practice
  •   2009: DRIC staff now all have option to work from home — enjoying life balance and an engaging professional life, connected in many ways to clients and each other (high touch and high tech)

DRI Consulting continues to privide pre-employment testing to hiring teams in diverse industries such as healthcare, private equity, manufacturing, churches, and government.

Unique to our assessment process is that candidates get to see draft results and comment on their accuracy as part of the final report. We continue to hear from hiring teams and candidates that we are very accurate in what we do and quite helpful in determining fit and readiness for positions - from front line to senior executive!


DRI Consulting continues to provide creative solutions for the City of Minneapolis, among other clients: DRIC Client Portfolio

Recent work this March utilized a unique in-basket approach to vet candidates' real-world skills on the job.

Delivery team included: Dr. John Fennig, Heather Mollner, Donny Hobbs, & Amanda Montgomery.