"From Learning to Leading"


DRI Consulting, based in North Oaks, Minnesota, offers highly customized/personalized undergraduate, pre-master's and post-masters, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral traineeships in organization, individual, and consulting psychology. We are committed to training the scientist-practitioner who uses data-based decisions in professional practice with individuals and organizations.The internship will assist your professional development and competence in providing consulting services in the following areas:

  • individuals (coaching, counseling, career assessment & development)
  • organizational development 
  • search and selection 
  • psychological assessment and feedback 
  • leadership and management development

The work of a consulting psychologist is very rewarding and quite challenging. It allows you to use and hone your counseling, clinical, and social psychological skills to meet the needs of leaders, teams, and organizations. It is based on the positive psychology of development as applied to work and non-work situations faced by individuals, groups, organizations, and entire communities. 

Some of the graduates of our training program went on to work for: 

  • DRI Consulting (us!)
  • Target Corporation
  • Google 
  • MDA Consulting (Minneapolis)
  • Personnel Decisions, INC (PDI)
  • Hennepin County 
  • Hamm Clinic 
  • Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP, Inc.) 
  • University of St. Thomas 
  • The Ohio State University - School of Business Faculty 
  • Point Loma Nazarene University Wellness Center 
  • private practice 

Other Resources you may find helpful in your search: siop.org mppaw.org, or apa.org (Division 13)! This internship is based on the American Psychological Association's Society of Consulting Psychologists' Guidelines for Training in Consulting Psychology. 

Project Work

Gain more hands-on experience by tackling some projects for us!

If you already have experience in consulting psychology and would like to gain even more, working with DRIC on a project-by-project basis may be a good fit for you. Contact DRIC to see if your skills, experience, and availability match up with our current project load.

Contact Sally Baltaian at sallybaltaian@dric.com for more information!


Let us see YOU in action!

Supervision is a crucial piece of your professional development as an emerging consulting psychologist.  Whether you’ve never received supervision before or you already have and would like a bit extra, you can purchase supervision from DRIC. An experienced consulting psychologist will provide supervision by reviewing and discussing your work – let us assist you in your development into a successful practitioner!

Contact Sally Baltaian at sallybaltaian@dric.com for more information!