Assess, Build & Lead

Many organizations don't select, identify, or develop the right people – and often good talent goes underutilized. Understanding talent and capacity for leadership is the first step to fully utilizing and leveraging it for organizational success. Sometimes there isn't time or resources to dedicate to these functions, but top performing organizations that make a point to assess and develop their people, see the value in bottom-line results like retention, business growth, and sustainability. 


Whether it's through our comprehensive Leadership Development programs, organizational development, or individual coaching, career counseling, or personal development, DRI's approach to leadership assessment and development will reveal key strengths of your business' people and take them to the next level. We Identify leadership qualities that are already good and working, explore the gaps to greater success, and provide processes to assure sustainability!



  • Assessing the present and comparing it to the ideal allows you to begin with the end in mind, identify the gaps in leadership needs, and reveal needed steps for action.
  • Our Leadership development programs provide motivation, feedback, accountability, and the opportunity for genuine leadership growth!
  • Take your organization's leadership capability to the next level!


…the assessments DRI Consulting did were really useful, a window into the candidates work personality.

Mayor R.T. Rybak of Minneapolis

Dr. Megan,

I really want to thank you for a great LDP program. You have set us up for success in our careers in so many ways. I find myself looking for opportunities to use my new knowledge in the workplace, as well as at home. Each principal in this course provoked deep reflection and has made me want to do and be better. Thank you for facilitating excellence.

Tier I LDP graduate

My boss has seen a definite change in me due to the program.

US Army LDP graduate

Much of my success is owned to the opportunities that came my way via the Leadership Development Program.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

Tier I LDP graduate