For convenience, our staff will administer psychological, work personality and career assessments on a web browser. Test-takers are therefore able to complete the assessments in a setting and time period that works best for them. Our standard assessment package is based in the science and practice of psychology, and tailors to the wants and needs of the client. The tests are some of the most widely used and recognized tools that psychology has to offer, and we are dedicated to making the experience worthwhile and rewarding for our clients.

Likewise, DRI Consulting has dedicated 20 of years to helping people achieve success using our effective and user-friendly assessment process! To that end, we are pleased to offer work personality assessment tools online for your convenience and for faster service. DRI Consulting uses widely known and used assessment instruments that are held in high regard across industries and organizations. We base our interpretations and recommendations on groups of data, rather than singling out one particular item or assessment method. All of our consultants have advanced graduate degree psychological training in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of psychological assessments.

We are also open to the use of other reliable and valid tools that our clients are familiar with and prefer.

Benefits of Our HIGH TOUCH/HIGH TECH Assessment Process


Samples of Assessments

Check them out — what they measure, how they look, what they tell you.