Understand, Identify & Develop

Many young adults have trouble identifying a career they are well-suited for, let alone interested in pursuing. Many working adults feel a need to change careers throughout their life, or perhaps realign their skills and interests to a different career. Accomplished professionals often reach a point where they feel they've surpassed their capacity for development on the job, or they aren't sure how to further advance their potential or on-the-job skills. Whether a young adult, evolving professional, or a senior leader, we understand your need to better understand yourself and your talent, and re-align your skills –or take your career to the next level.


Drawing from a diverse set of skills, including knowledge and training in business, psychology, counseling, and consulting, DRI consultants will work with you to develop a customized career plan that fits your aspirations. Using the following model, we will help you reach greater career satisfaction:


  1. Beginning with the end in mind. Our initial process begins with a comprehensive assessment of goals, what's good and working, and an in-depth scorecard of individual personality, ability, and innate preferences.
  2. We then identify resources, review what's already been done, seek clarification of desired outcomes, and put it into a workable, action-oriented, success plan.
  3. Resulting goals and actions are implemented, and the process is guided by coaching, support, and tracking of milestones.
  4. Finally, cultivate the knowledge, skills, abilities, and opportunities you want to possess for the career trajectory you really want!


  • Offers you a greater understanding of yourself that you will be able to use lifelong to enhance your talent and career potential.
  • Provides direction and support for your career aspirations.
  • Allows you to obtain the deeper level of insight you need to obtain or develop and sustain the career you really want.


I fully credit the Transitioning Consultant's group training I did with DRI Consulting last year, as well as the individual encouragement and coaching you've given me, for helping me make this transition to this type of work.  I am very excited about this new phase of my career and I hope you will be willing to stay in touch and be open to my seeking you out as a mentor going forward.

Elayne L. Chou, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Organizational Consulting  

Dr. Megan,
You have set us up for success in our careers in so many ways. I find myself looking for opportunities to use my new knowledge in the workplace, as well as at home.

LDP1 Graduate