Connect, Engage & Inspire

Today, it is harder than ever to be an effective leader or executive, and the soft and communal skills are more important than ever – in addition to the technical and agentic skills. For example, things like communication, building rapport with others, collaboration, interpersonal effectiveness, conflict management, active listening, and cross-cultural competency really matter. What do interpersonal skills have to do with connecting and engaging with, and inspiring an organization?


Our coaches all have graduate training in various areas of psychology including clinical, counseling, industrial-organizational, marriage and family therapy, and experimental psychology. Our team has coached and counseled high-functioning young adults and individuals, students, all the way up to leaders, supervisors, managers, senior executives and CEO's.

We draw on our knowledge and expertise of psychology and business and utilize an integrated developmental approach that fits best including positive psychological, practical behavioral, and systems approaches to individual interpersonal development. We inspire interpersonal development through the following stages:



  • Taking interpersonal skills to the next level will allow one's natural talent, technical skills, and propensity for leadership to shine.
  • Learning to build effective relationships will lead to success in all the important domains of life – business and sales, personal, and spiritual, etc.
  • Learn to attract others and experience an engaged workforce!


…the assessments DRI Consulting did were really useful, a window into the candidates work personality.

Mayor R.T. Rybak of Minneapolis

I fully credit the Transitioning Consultant's group training I did with DRI Consulting last year, as well as the individual encouragement and coaching you've given me, for helping me make this transition to this type of work.  I am very excited about this new phase of my career and I hope you will be willing to stay in touch and be open to my seeking you out as a mentor going forward.

Elayne L. Chou, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Organizational Consulting