Invest, Plan & Succeed

It is estimated thatĀ turnover costs a company 150% or moreĀ of the employee's compensation, depending on the position.

Money and time spent in interviews and training can be lost when sights are set on the future instead of training and securing the employee today. Onboarding begins on day one of the new hire.

Providing the best onboarding for your company's new employee is crucial for a number of reasons. It leads to higher job satisfaction, lower stress, better job performance and a higher probability of job retention.


DRI Consulting will work with your organization to develop a plan and use tools to make the onboarding process effective for the new employee and your department. After identifying your time and resources, we use standard and custom assessments to find out the best way to train and relate to your employee for a successful integration.

We will also work with the trainer(s) and "teach how to teach." We will provide insight on how to be productive and fair in your training efforts. There is a science and proven techniques to training and we will share the knowledge.


  • Heightened return on investment
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Quicker integration
  • Bridging the gap between the candidate experience and the employee experience
  • Increase employee production and performance which promotes retention
  • Overall employee retention
  • Increased employee productivity and performance
  • Ensuring a good working relationship between employee/employer
  • Enhancing or promoting "success factors"