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Psychological Evaluations:

  • Pre-employment
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Chief Selection


  • Critical Incidents
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Performance Coaching

Hiring psychologically sound and healthy individuals as law enforcement is imperative to the department and the public. Not to mention hard working, competent social skills, high integrity and solid decision making abilities.

While only a number of cities require fitness for duty evaluations by law, taking the initiative to perform such appraisals for all potential hires is a wise and smart business decision.


DRIC's Unique Approach to Police Psychology Testing:

By using a transparent and inclusive process, we ensure accuracy, good communication, and respect for the candidates. When your Department partners with us, we minimize the trouble a process like this can cause when these factors do not exist.

We will ensure a thorough evaluation of candidates that establishes a "fit" with both your organizational culture and the community. We are able to communicate positive and negative character traits of candidates along with recommending a good hire and who not to hire.

Our approach is never "one size fits all" as we understand that each department and candidate is unique.


Our process and how it benefits your department

Services Benefits
An evaluation of BOTH candidates' mental health and their work personality fit to the position. Reports serve as selection/promotion tool and for development as well.
  • Compliance with laws governing police selection in applicable states
  • Clarity on candidate's mental status at the time of conditional job offer
Use of the best tools available in the field of law enforcement selection testing. Results are valid, reliable and defensible
Additional time and effort put in to collect information from other sources about those in jeopardy of not passing the psychological evaluation.
  • Potential increase in comfort and openness by the candidates
  • Increased sense of control in the evaluation and decreased sense of being evaluated incorrectly/unfairly
Face-to-face meetings with candidates who did not pass the psychological evaluation, if candidate or Department requests it. We give feedback to candidates who did not pass concerning what did not go well, as well as suggestions for relative next steps. This reduces the likelihood of a range of difficulties for the Department and candidate
Individual meetings with candidates who pass the psychological evaluation during their training, if Department wants. We address candidates' questions, and provide them with feedback on ways to strengthen their strengths and address their developmental areas to increase their effectiveness on the job. We provide a check of their progress in training in light of the strengths and weakness in their evaluation
Computer-based administration of testing and secure platform to manage reports. We are able to quickly identify candidates who may not pass the psychological assessment process, affording DRIC staff time to work with them. Computer based testing administration standardizes the assessment process, providing consistency across each round of testing. It also promotes a more positive experience for the test-taker, who is in a position to accept or not accept the job offer

Candidates report a 20-30% faster testing experience than in previous testing situation, allowing DRIC staff to report back to Department in a timely manner. A faster testing experience also permits that the entire assessment center can occur in one day, and for more candidates, reducing logistical and administrative burden to Department. Having candidates use the computer reflects what they will use on the job. We are testing them in a more real-life manner this way
Candidates get a copy of all their assessment results This provides immediate written feedback that each person can apply to succeed in their training and subsequent role (police officer, CSO) in the Department. Information from the document can serve as a professional planning or development tool by the person themselves and/or in consultation with Department supervisors, within the confidentiality parameters that exist for this work product



  The Minneapolis Police Department has had an exceptional working relationship with DRI Consulting. We contract with DRI for applicant psychological testing and fitness for duty examinations for existing employees. In these litigious times, DRI has been successful due to their progressive approaches with participant-involved testing and assessment feedback. Their approach serves those being examined as well as the department.

Timothy J. Dolan
  Chief, Minneapolis Police  

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