Pre-Hire Selection Assessments


The Issue: Your job description clearly lays out the requirements of the position to be filled. You carefully review resumes and references, and conduct thorough interviews. You hire qualified individuals. But, too often,new employees don't fit your organization and their performance doesn't meet your expectations.

The Cause: You're not getting the whole picture of your prospective hire. The resume/ reference/ interview approach may reveal WHAT technical skills a candidate brings, but these skills alone do not assure job success. The crucial piece missing from your selection process is HOW new employees contribute to the success of your company.

The Solution: DRI Consulting's Select Effect method delivers the missing piece in employee selection. We use relevant work style assessments to match your needs with the candidate's level of drive, dependability, initiative, team orientation, cognitive strength, emotional maturing, and organizational focus.

The Select EffectSMYou hire employees who get up to speed quickly, fit the job and the organization, and meet (and typically exceed) your goals for performance. This all adds up to retention of the best-fit candidates _ a clear return on your investment.

The Select EffectSM approach is based in the science and practice of business psychology. The assessments we use are some of the most widely utilized and recognized tools the industry has to offer.
We use online administrationof work personality, work style, critical thinking, and cognitive ability measures. Your candidates can complete assessments quickly, easily, and in a setting that works best for them.


With Hiring Manager to clarify what you want With the Candidate to bring them into the loop Electronically to give and get assessments efficiently With the Candidate _ Is this really you? Results and Recommendations to the Hiring Manager

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…I am amazed at how your system described me - it works.

Senior Manager finalist for a major utility

From all accounts the quality of the work was appropriate for our purposes. Once again, thank you for your assistance in providing the assessment, it was highly valuable in our selection process.

Sarah Crosthwaite
Human Resources
Zoos Victoria