June 2017

"When you intern at DRI Consulting, you’re not just getting the usual practical experience in consulting psychology. You’re also gaining an opportunity for self-discovery and personal development. Not only are there lessons in the “how”, but also explanations for the “why.” John’s experience and expertise in the area of people leadership help to make this a unique internship, where you feel like your time with DRIC is tailored to fit you personally. You get to make legitimate contributions while exercising your strengths and developing your weaknesses. I will be forever grateful for the wealth of knowledge and experiences gained through my internship at DRIC."

Sam Johnson

June 2017

"One can summarise the internship at DRI in three words: "A life-changing experience".

Being from and located in a country outside of DRI's location made this experience even more memorable. To put this in bullet form these were just a few of the many memorable takeaways from the internship there:

  • Watch it being done,
  • Do it being watched,
  • Do it on your own.
  • Developing cultural competence.
  • The dynamic use of technology for recording, and storing data; connecting with clients and teammates and training was phenomenal.
  • Having an Open Notes approach for clients develops trust and makes helping them much easier - everyone is on the same page.
  • Being able to explore different areas of consulting: report writing, assessment interpretation, team leading, project management, coaching, client interviews, mentoring, training peer consultants just to name a few
  • The one-on-one supervision and mentoring received from John.
  • The ability to meet the team in person and work on site (an experience I will never forget).
  • Meeting people from different cultures with different personalities and working with them. the connections and friendships made.
  • Meeting Brio.
  • Being pushed to speak up, ask questions, provide opinions and take the lead.

As stated before these are just a few of the many takeaways from the internship. The greatest takeaway of all, however, happens after you leave DRI; and that is applying the lessons and strategies learnt not only to professional situations but to your daily life and having the "professional friendships" to keep you accountable remind you of what you know in life. It's this take away that I love the most at least once a week I am reminded of a lesson or strategy, a conversation or training event while tackling the daily rigours of life. It is near impossible to find an internship that can provide this dynamic training, and I'm and will always be grateful to DRI and John for affording me the opportunity. "

TJ Ifill

December 2015

"Thanks so much for the opportunity to work at DRI Consulting these past couple months. I have learned more about the field of Consulting Psychology in the past few months than I could ever have learned in the classroom, and for that reason I consider it an incredibly valuable experience. I appreciate your patience, your willingness to teach, and your faith in my ability to take leadership on projects."

Mike Alkire

December 2015

"Thank you for all of your help and advice, it has been invaluable. Asides from your personal wisdom, I appreciate and value my time spend with DRI, I learned much and felt confident and prepared in my internship with HC and for the next steps."

Ray Klahr

June 2015

"DRI Consulting is a wonderful training opportunity for learners at all levels! My 2 years of experience with the firm taught me skills and ways of translating my clinical experiences in mental health to the realm of consulting and organizational development. I recommend the training program to anyone who is interested in learning more about consultation, executive coaching, and team or organizational development. John and his staff team are an excellent group to work with; words can’t express how essential the training experiences with DRI were to my professional development."

Lovey Walker
University of Minnesota
Graduate Instructor and Practicum Counselor


July 2012

"I had a wonderful time working for DRI Consulting. Being surrounded by people who do things in the best possible fashion with the intent to reach the best possible result is wonderful. The care and devotion the people of DRI Consulting allows even the large obstacles to be understood and overcome. Come here to work; come here to learn; come here to succeed."

August 2011

Dear John,

Thank you so much for the incredible opportunity to intern with DRI Consulting. I have gained valuable experience that i'm positive will continue on with me for many years to come. It has been an honor to shadow you and see how it is done by the pros. I have learned so much from you about organizational structures, leadership development, coaching, consultin, and teamwork. All of the opportunites that you opened up to me were so educational and informative.
I loved working with everyone at DRIC. Chelsea is AMAZING. She is a strong, smart, and exceptional woman who gets things done and I couldn't have asked for a better supervisor. Lisa has bee great to work with as well whether through coaching or getting her input on projects. Lisa was very influential in helping me figure out what my future plans are for graduate school and possible certifications. She was always there with that little piece of advice that I was looking for. Heather is such a kindhearted person. Everyday greeting me, talking about weekend plans, showing me the little tricks around the office, and making such a friendly and caring environment. Amanda was always helpful when it came to clarifying certain aspects of projects and being there to talk to when I have concerns or questions. Amy and Tori were great role models for getting thins done and were very helpful in providing information and certain documents for the projects I was working on. I can't forget Brio!!! He is such a sweet tempered dog and he is lucky to have all of DRI around him.
This entire experience has been one-of-a-kind and I would not have traded it in for anything! I can not thank you enough for this opportunity and I am looking forward to keeping in contact with DRIC!!!
Thank you,

Katherine Milroy
College of St. Benedict
Psychology and Business Management

July 2011

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Our training alums answered questions about their backgrounds, their experience at DRI, and what they are doing now

Thank you to Chelsea Berryman for creating this report.


December 2010

Thank you very much! I am at the University of Minnesota in the I/O psychology Ph.D. program. I just finished my first semester. It's going really well! I cannot thank you enough for the applied experiences you gave me prior to graduate school. Everyday I come to realize more and more how unique my opportunities were! They have been very useful in helping me understand the material that I have been learning in my personnel coursework this year and are sure to be useful in the years to come.
Many Thanks,

Chelsea Jenson – Undergraduate and Post grad staff

July 2010

To start, I would definitely recommend DRI to friends/family/etc. for internships and volunteering. You mentioned that you and John discussed the specifics of our work here, so I won't go into that, but I will say that the greatest part about DRI is that it is like a buffet where you can try a little bit of everything in I-O psychology. As an undergrad in a general psych program it was hard for me to grasp the breadth and scope of consulting, but getting to see so many different processes from start to finish has been hugely beneficial. I also love that DRI is casual, relaxed, and very well-suited for training. We try to be very structured in our way of doing things, and there is no such thing as a dumb question, which makes the process more clear and easier to learn. I also really appreciate that the staff here are open to what everyone has to offer. Even as an undergrad, I was encouraged to question methods, propose solutions, and share my knowledge. This has been a big boost of confidence, and has allowed me to really be involved in the process. Both as an intern and as an employee, I have been able to be the project lead on many client and internal projects. Being able to see not only the client work, but also how the business is run, has created a really well-rounded experience for me.

Chelsea Berryman, Undergraduate Intern and Post grad staff (Dec 2009 to July 2009)

July 2009

Completing my pre-doctoral internship at DRI Consulting was an amazing journey. Transitioning from counseling psychology, I appreciated the person-centered philosophies that DRI operates from and was amazed by the way in which psychology and business could mesh. It was extraordinarily interesting to engage in individual, team, and organizational-level work – sometimes all in one day! Pre-selection assessments, executive coaching, team development, leadership development, and organizational culture surveying were just some of the areas where I received extensive training. DRI Consulting offers these unique opportunities to get real-world training in consulting psychology – something that is very difficult to come by in the Twin Cities area.
The developmental model of training used by DRI encourages and allows one to move toward independent practice as they are ready and able – truly affording trainees the opportunity to shape their experience and exposure throughout their program. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to train with Dr. John Fennig and Dr. Victoria Littlefield and to learn from the talented DRI staff whom I am now pleased to call colleagues!

Megan Brogger, Pre-Doctoral Intern (July 2008-2009)

May 2009

"Starting off as a practicum student at DRI Consulting, and then serving as an intern, helped me break into the world of consulting psychology and realize just what it is I wanted to do with my life. For me, working at DRI Consulting bridged the worlds of psychology and business, and provided me with invaluable opportunities to develop employees and grow myself along the way. I am convinced that I would not have had such excellent opportunities to perform coaching, recruitment and selection procedures, leadership development programming, team building, and organizational development work with any other company in the metro area. I am grateful and wish to extend many sincere thanks to Dr. John Fennig and Dr. Tori Littlefield for putting forth the time and effort needed to run a training shop not only for my betterment and that of individual students, but ultimately for the advancement of certain organizations and the field of consulting psychology. I also want to thank Dr. Norman James, Heather Mortensen, Heather Johnson, Megan Brogger, Amy Feist, Maureen Boxrud, and Jon Zimmer for guiding me through my three years at the firm, and making the work environment more enjoyable. You will be missed!"

Katie Olson, practicum and pre-doc intern 2006 to 2009

July 2008

John and DRIC Staff:
Thank you for the opportunity to spend a year at DRI Consulting. The growth I experienced, both personally and professionally, has been immeasurable. The "Learning to Leading" paradigm afforded me the chance to shadow some of the best in the field and then use what I learned to lead my own projects from proposal to completion.
The model for training at DRI is challenging, while at the same time, developmentally appropriate. I really appreciate the fact that the DRI philosophy is rooted in Counseling Psychology. The goal is always to respect the unique qualities of the individual and their situation, while at the same time, look at behavior and personality in the context of organizational success.
The training at DRI is truly second to none. John and staff offer students a rare opportunity to "try out the waters" of Organizational Psychology. Many thanks to all of you for your wisdom, guidance, and support.

Heather Johnson, Doctoral Candidate (Practicum Student 2007-2008)

June 2008

Hi John,
I had to take a moment to express a "thank you."
This morning I was in a meeting that was quite unstructured and, although there may be times when a lack of structure is appropriate, this group is in a time crunch for deliverables so the lack of structure contributed to confusion. Anyway, long story short, I found myself coaching the leader at the end of the meeting and making suggestions about ensuring he is clear about the goals for the meeting and what he wants to accomplish by meeting end, what type of meeting he is holding, and to communicate these things at the onset. There were a few more tools – Parking Lot – I suggested he use to keep the group on track which he appreciated.
My training at DRIC provided me with a solid base of knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform in all positions I have held since leaving.
Sincere thanks.

Sheryl Radcliffe
Director of Talent Development and Organization Learning
Human Resources
Insurance Company of the West

November 2006

Hi Dr. Fennig,
Hope you're well!
First, this is not a standard thank you note. This is from my heart and I mean every word with the greatest sincerity.
Thank you for thinking of me and asking me to support Tori this past week.
It was a phenomenal experience. Tori was a blast to work with and learn from. I so appreciate her openness to me, her generosity in having me participate with the group, and her candid discussions about the process and individual participants. Because of this, I was able to learn more about the LDP, obtain invaluable perspective about my own work and progress, and learn about adult learning.
With regard to the LDP- I was able to observe the difference in the quality of the experience when the group wants to be there vs a group who is essentially asked to be there. This is a significant difference! The energy, willingness to participate, the effort to apply the new info/concepts to themselves is coming from them instead of from the facilitator. The former scenario makes for a much more interesting experience from the facilitator's point of view.
The group was also very open and receptive to me. I was thrilled to be able to have some one-on-ones with a few people and support them through a question or some difficulty.
My learning and experience happened on so many levels it is difficult to write it all out. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this opportunity.
Take care,


May 2004

The pre-doctoral internship at DRI Consulting helped me gain the skills and experience I needed to have a career in consulting psychology.
Through DRIC, I was able to work on high-level projects with well known organizations and corporations like Target, Radio Shack, the Army Corps of Engineers, the City of Minneapolis, and the Society of Consulting Psychology.
DRIC provided the tools, training, and opportunities I needed to develop longstanding client relationships and work within the field. DRIC has one of the few formal pre-doctoral internships nation-wide that offer such possibilities in management consulting!

My experience at DRIC has gotten me noticed by other consulting firms and has helped tremendously in my post-doctoral job search!

Gary Dumais, Psy.D.

June 2003

I spent a full year with DRI Consulting – three months longer than the required nine months for practicum. From the time I was invited to join the firm as a practicum student, I was welcomed into the organization as a consultant, and treated as an employee, with my own workstation and client responsibilities. The staff of DRI recognized my potential and was confident in including me in all client work. I was able to complete my required client contact hours, and the staff was eager to help me reach those goals. DRI Consulting is a great learning environment for a student interested in consulting psychology, who is also able to challenge themselves and their perceptions of the role of psychology in business, and in an individual's life and work.

Keely Orchard, M.A.

July 2002

My post-doctoral year at DRI Consulting was really invaluable in teaching me about about the "real-world" of consulting: what kind of services are really useful to managers and executives; general business terms and concepts; the importance of being a good team player with another consultants; and the satisfaction of working hard and making an impact on an organization.
I think I've learned more in one year and in the previous four in a PhD program! I've learned that I really love coaching, training, and assessment. Many thanks to John, Mark, Tori, Janice, Justin, Keely and Karlene for all they've done in helping me grow both personally and professionally.

Brian A. Buford, Ph.D.

September 1999

Dear John,
I truly enjoyed working with you this summer at DRI Consulting. You are wonderful teacher and a very good organizational consultant. I hope there is an opportunity for us to work together again.
I would highly recommend DRI Consulting to any interns, who are looking for an experience working in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. From the beginning, I was exposed to many different aspects of organizational consulting and running a business. Dr. Fennig treated me as a professional and involved me quickly in the projects that DRI Consulting were working on. John was very focused on making my internship at DRI Consulting as useful and positive as it could be for me. He was aware of my goals for the internship and was genuinely interested in helping me meet all of those goals. John sees almost every situation as a teachable moment (which allowed me to gain considerable knowledge in a short period of time). He would invite the interns to participate or listen in on all interactions with clients. Because of this style of instruction, I learned much more than I had expected. I would strongly encourage anyone who is willing to work hard and is interested in organizational consulting to consider applying to DRI Consulting for an internship.
Thank you again John for the opportunity to work for DRI Consulting is past summer. And thank you also to the staff at DRI Consulting, it was a pleasure working with you and hope you're all doing well. Take care, and I hope you're all doing well.
Sincerely your friend,

Mark Sander, M.A.

Undergraduate Interns

I had some good news to share with you. I applied for and was accepted as next year's Business Manager for our school newspaper. It's a fairly small
responsibility, requiring only 2 to 3 hours per week. The job description is
somewhat similar to my duties at DRI. I'm excited to take what you and others there have taught me and put it to use for another organization. Thanks again for the great opportunity you gave me.

Mike Lehn (business assistant for 2 years with us)

Note about internship at DRI Consulting
My time at DRI Consulting was short, but it was time well spent. The internship was not always fun, but I think that it taught me some very valuable lessons about the worlds of psychology and business and the mixture of the two.
For someone who is majoring in psychology or even interested in it, I would certainly recommend DRI Consulting. I received excellent exposure to the world of consulting psychology and how many other companies would allow there undergraduate students to sit in on a consultation (given permission by client). For someone like myself, interested in psychology and business, I got twice the exposure. Not only did I learn more about an area of psychology, but I also saw the business side of the company.
One of the great things about the internship was "the different hats" I wore each day (quoting John Fennig). Each project was different and there was not typical day. I had a nice balance of brainless tasks, fun/challenging projects, and misc. jobs. In addition, I was able to sit in on a few consultations and client discussions (which was certainly my favorite aspect of the job).

Steve Parsons

My internship experience at DRI Consulting provided me with incredible opportunity. I was brought into an atmosphere that thrives on learning. The staff here are as interested in providing you with knowledge as they are in receiving it from you. My goal for the semester was to figure out what consulting was all about and whether it is something I would enjoy pursuing a career in. I was given the opportunity to find out both. Being a part of a small company was advantageous because I could be a part of, and was asked to be a part of, everything. Along with having the chance to help with creating client workshops and being a part of the presentation of those, I also was given a project to lead for the semester. I created my own project plan and monitored the progress of the project to finish. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about management.
A surprise gain I am coming away with is an increased knowledge of computer programs. DRIC has updated technology, and I found myself being trained in and experimenting on programs that I have never heard of before. I majored in psychology and gaining knowledge in a variety of areas was an added benefit to my semester with DRIC. The contacts and resources that you find through this internship are incredible. John knows somebody in everything, or can tell you how to get there.
Through interning with DRIC, I met some wonderful people, learned a lot about consulting, and had an experience that gave me knowledge about myself. I quantified my wants and needs, and decided where I want to be, and what I want to do and be when I grow up.

Gail Winter

I've really benefited from working with the current technology at DRIC. When I first started at DRIC, I knew very little about World Wide Web development and maintenance. Throughout the internship, I have grown confident and competent in my ability to edit and maintain a website. This will prove very valuable in my career search as well as helping achieve my personal goal of establishing a high comfort level with new technologies.
Also, the career advising has been extremely helpful. By completing the battery of psychological assessments before joining the staff, I'm able to see my world and myself in a clearer way. As I leave DRIC, I take great comfort in knowing that I have a three-ring binder of those tests to reference should I grow confused about my interests and skills.

Bob Brice

DRI Consulting (John),
Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me to be an intern with you this year. I have learned a great deal from this experience. I can already see how it has affected my life. I wish you much success in the future. John, thank you also for the very generous gift of money. Thank you for the friendship I have found with DRIC as well. I hope to be able to stop in from time to time to see how you are!
Good Luck and God Bless.

Missy Van Gorp