Leadership Lab

Immediate Opening

DRI Consulting is seeking master’s level candidates to complete a practicum in organization, individual, and consulting psychology for 6-12 months. We are committed to training the scientist-practitioner with an emphasis on incorporating data-based decisions into professional practice with organizations and individuals. Some primary purposes of the practicum are to help you further professional development and competence providing consulting services in the following areas: individuals (coaching, counseling, and career assessment and development), organizational development, psychological assessment and feedback, and management and leadership development. Across all domains, we work to provide ethical services.  

It is our goal to provide high quality training for masters-level practitioners. Our training program focuses on breadth and quality of service, and we provide an atmosphere where the practicum student can gain exposure to the many facets of functioning as a consulting psychologist while developing a personal style as a consultant. Further information about training program accountabilities, responsibilities and goals follow.  

We are particularly proud of the following advantages of our internship:

  • Opportunity to take leadership roles in projects that significantly influence clients and our own company.
  • Exposure to and involvement in all aspects of a for-profit consulting business.
  • Exposure to and involvement in a culture that is cutting-edge and extensive in its use of the Internet and other technologies for the delivery and management of psychological services.

Why we do this (since few other firms do!):

  • We are good at and committed to developing professionals within the profession.
  • It is a recruiting and selection method to grow the firm.  We have a career path for you here and hope many of you stay with us (masters, pre-doc, post-doc, consultant, senior consultant, manager, partner).
  • Interns are a lower cost method of delivery high quality services.  We stay competitive with clients and can reinvest in the success of the firm and its training mission.

Consulting Psychology is an old and well-respected practice with pre-professional roots in such roles as the advisors to the Court of Queens and Kings. Professionally, it was an early division of APA at the turn of the century. Historically it has been a second or third career for older practicing psychologists. Recently it is evolving into a first professional career for many new psychologists at any age of entry into the field.   

The work of a consulting psychologist is very rewarding and quite challenging. It allows you to use and hone your counseling, clinical and social psychological skills to meet the needs of leaders and entire populations of people. It is based on a positive psychology of development related to the work and non-work situations faced by individuals, groups, organizations and entire communities.  

For complete applications instructions, see our "Selection Process" below. 


This is typically a 10-20 hour per week minimum commitment, although there may be some flexibility depending on your program needs. In consultation with the supervisor, the practicum student will establish a regular weekly schedule. 

  1. Stipend: The Master’s level practicum carries no stipend.
  2. Benefits: mileage reimbursement, upgraded computers and devices as needed, paid travel to professional conferences, sales commissions possible. 



Completion of most master’s level coursework including assessment and counseling skills lab. 

Our clients are typically healthy, successful adults usually in significant leadership roles seeking to optimize their future or their organization’s future. Successful candidate for this position will have: 

  • The maturity to work with healthy, successful individuals
  • An interest in psychology applied to issues of work and daily living
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Skills and interest to work with individuals, small groups and large groups
  • A systems orientation that looks at individuals in their work and personal environment Acceptance of profit as necessary and good for individuals and companies with an understanding of the economic context of situations in which we consult.
  • Experience and/or aptitude measuring, assessing, analyzing and reporting personality and group psychological functioning.
  • An investment in self-examination of one’s own values and willingness to grow in knowledge about individuals and groups in the work place.

Application Process

Interested applicants should complete an initial needs assessment survey by going to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/trainingatDRIC.

Application Deadline: Rolling, with final decisions typically made the beginning of March.

Start of Practicum:  May of each year (custom start date if you need). 

End of Practicum: May of the following year (or other as arranged). The practicum student may be invited to continue at DRIC following the end of the formal practicum.

DRI Consulting requests the above information for the purpose of processing your application. No persons outside the firm are routinely provided this information. Responses to all items on the application are required.


If you have questions about the application process, contact Kristen Burnett at the DRI Consulting email: dric@dric.com.

This internship is based on APA Division 13's new Guidelines for Training in Consulting Psychology