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DRI Consulting, based in North Oaks, Minnesota, has historically offered full-time (2,000 hour) pre-doctoral internships in organization, individual and consulting psychology. We could provide them for the school year, depending on our budget and your income needs. 

We are committed to training the scientist-practitioner with an emphasis on incorporating data based decisions into professional practice with organizations and individuals.  Some primary purposes of the internship are to help you further professional development and competence providing consulting services in the following areas:  individuals (coaching, counseling, and career assessment and development), organizational development, psychological assessment and feedback, and management and leadership development.

The work of a consulting psychologist is very rewarding and quite challenging.  It allows you to use and hone your counseling, clinical and social psychological skills to meet the needs of leaders and entire populations of people.  It is based on a positive psychology of development related to the work and non-work situations faced by individuals, groups, organizations and entire communities.

It is our goal to provide high quality training for graduate student.  Our training program focuses on breadth and quality of service, and we provide an atmosphere where the intern can gain exposure to many facets of functioning as a consulting psychologist while developing a personal style as a professional. 

Interested applicants should complete an initial needs assessment survey by going to .