The training center’s goal is to provide high quality training for graduate students interested in individual, career and organizational psychology. The site holds itself to the highest standards, and strives to create an environment that is both comfortable and yet challenging for everyone, student and staff alike.  


The goals of the training program follow.  The master’s level practicum student will:

  1. learn to function effectively, efficiently and ethically as a trained consulting psychologist to individuals, groups and organizations.
  2. develop good assessment, diagnosis and treatment consultation to individuals, teams and organizations.
  3. conduct prospective client needs assessments and implement programmatic interventions.  
  4. conduct prospective client needs assessments and implement programmatic interventions.  
  5. assist in generating new business, assessing needs of prospective clients and client follow-up.
  6. develop and use skills to administer project work for clients and DRI.
  7. remain aware of research in the field, increase that awareness, and continue to develop research skills that he/she has established in the course of graduate training.
  8. incorporate awareness of and responsiveness to issues of human diversity throughout professional work.
  9. base his/her professional decisions and behavior on ethical principles.
  10. strive to develop a sense of identification with the profession of consulting psychology.


Practicum students are systematically evaluated in all areas in which they work. Practicum students, in turn, evaluate their supervisors and the training program. This evaluation process, including both written and oral components, takes place two times per year.  

We meet monthly as a company in order to review our goals and activities. The supervisors and staff provide feedback to the practicum student (and the rest of us!) to help him/her and all of us to reach our performance and development goals. 

Most importantly, our clients are a regular source of feedback on practicum student and DRIC staff success meeting their needs.  We collect formal written (web-based) evaluations and conduct follow-up interviews.  Results are communicated to the project team involved.