Based on APA Division 13's new Guidelines for Training in Consulting Psychology

Scientist-Practioner Model

The practicum is designed to provide training for entry-level professional psychology-based consulting practice. The average age of a DRIC intern is in the mid-40's with a wide range from the 20's into the 50's.  We excel at providing a relevant, engaging and significant training experience - matched to your previous work and life experience.  We strive to help our trainees integrate data based decision-making into practice, and we define "science" broadly, valuing attention and responsiveness to data, whether the source is a journal or a specific consumer. 

Because good science and practice are tied to theory, we strive to instill an appreciation for conceptual systems. We encourage our interns to experiment with and adopt theories that are consistent with their preferences and worldviews while prompting them to identify the conceptual basis on which they base their psychological consulting practice.  

We value and support the importance of identifying and aligning with the positive in the work environments. Thus, a main theme of any intervention will include positive as well as problem areas. We pay particular attention to train interns to effectively maintain an emphasis on identifying the positive in any environment. 

We attempt to model and provide opportunities for trainees to critically evaluate ideas and possible courses of action. An openness to ideas and differing philosophical stances within the field will enrich practice, and we encouragement our trainees to consider different theoretical orientations, as well as specific interventions guided by a scholarly data base. 

A related, but separate overarching aim of the internship program, is to instill a commitment to ethical and relevant practice for diverse consumers of our services. As a firm and training program we strive to be inclusive, accepting, and affirming of the full range of human diversity. This commitment requires self-examination of our own values. As with other training goals, practicum students are expected to be active in their own growth process.