We are an organization and management consulting firm of talented and experienced professionals who team with you to design and deliver effective solutions to achieve your needs.

Since 1991, DRI Consulting has provided high-quality, research−based services and training in leadership, team processes, supervision, and management, and organizational development to meet the needs of local, regional, national, and international clients. We have particular expertise in the areas of individual leadership, team−based skills, and organizational processes.

In working with individuals — contributors, team leaders, supervisors, managers, and executives — we emphasize positive and proactive action to enhance performance and results. We work with teams to help assure their success on current projects and provide real‐world based training that enables teams to maximize their success in future work. At the organizational level, we help clients to focus their strengths, leverage their resources, implement their plans, and assess their outcomes.

We enable a range of organization development endeavors from clarifying vision, mission, and goals, down through developing successful recruiting and onboarding processes. Our work has direct and substantial impact on individual and team performance and on organizational success.